ALPIAGRA is the Agriculture and Commerce Fair of Alpiarça. Every year, throughout the month of September, the Fair is held in Alpiarça in order to showcase the very best that this Ribatejo region has to offer. With a large exhibition area and good access, ALPIAGRA takes place on a premium site with all of the facilities necessary to promote business potential and give maximum visibility to exhibitors participating in this important Fair.


The ALPIAGRA Agriculture and Commerce Fair of Alpiarça has gained a strong identity, focussing on the promotion and revitalisation of traditional commerce, the quality and excellence of the region’s products, the distinctive character of the local gastronomy and the widening recognition of Alpiarça’s potential as a tourist destination.
The ALPIAGRA Fair is the clearest expression of the municipality’s assertion and consolidation at various levels. Since 1983 Alpiarça has made itself known to the country through this unique and innovative exhibition.

36 Editions

The first edition of the ALPIAGRA Agricultural and Commerce Fair of Alpiarça was held in 1983, from the 24th of September to the 2nd of October. Since then the Fair, organised by the Alpiarça Town Hall, has been held every year, upholding its characteristic identity for over thirty years.
Today the Fair has become one of the high-points of the Alpiarça municipality’s event calendar and is a must for anyone who wishes to become more acquainted with this marvellous area of the Ribatejo.


The Alpiarça municipality benefits from ideal conditions for agricultural development, due to the presence of extensive fertile fields and its strategic location on one of Europe’s premium flood plains. The proximity of the River Tagus is another factor which contributes to the region’s exceptionality.
As well as agriculture, Alpiarça has an interesting commercial activity, which has been developing.

The richness of the gastronomy and the quality of the wines are two more decisive factors for anyone looking for a distinctive product in terms of tourism. Alpiarça is particularly distinguished in this field due to the many tourist sites of natural and historical heritage that exist in the area.
At the ALPIAGRA Agriculture and Commerce Fair of Alpiarça all of this economic potential is brought to the fore, clearly demonstrating the way in which the local population are working on a daily basis towards the area’s development.